Flexible Packaging

Heat seal, barrier, primer coatings for flexible packaging applications.

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Solutions for Convertors and Machine Builders in the Flexible Packaging Value Chain

We have formulation expertise with barrier coatings, heat seal lacquers, and functional coatings. Substrates include:

  • Oriented Plastic Films: Oriented plastic films (such as BOPET, BOPP, BONy) are often used in multilayer laminates in flexible packaging for their strength, stiffness, printing surface, heat resistance, and barrier performance.
  • Vacuum Metalized Films (VMPET): Used in Bags for snack foods such as potato chips (met-BOPP for light barrier), coffee pouches (met-BOPET or BONy), candy wrappers (met-BOPP or met-BOPET), stand-up pouches (met-BOPP or met-BOPET), and meat or cheese packages (met-BOPET). Combined with PET, PP, PA, and PE coatings.
  • Aluminium Foil: Aluminum foil is typically coated with a lacquer or water-based latex, or laminated to a polymer film via adhesive or extrusion coating or lamination. Vinyl based lacquer-coated aluminum foils are used in many lidding applications, particularly for dairy products such as yogurt.
  • Paper & Cellulose

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