A Comprehensive Set of Services

Our 29,000 square feet of explosion proof Class 1 Division 1 production space can manufacture both solvent and water based products. Batch sizes range from pails and 55 gallon drums up to 3,700 gallons / 14,000 liters. Packaging capabilities from 1 ounce squeeze tubes up to tankers, with almost everything in between. We can also handle a wide range of compounding consistencies up to 3,000,000 centipoise. We work with customers under one of following three business models:

Toll Manufacturing: You provide the formula and the raw materials, we provide the blending and packaging at a fee per lb/kg.
Contract Manufacturing: You provide the formula and we take care of the rest. We design, procure, blend, package, and deliver  to your warehouse or supply chain.
Private Label: We take care of everything, from R&D to production. All you need is a vision and we can make it come to life.