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Your supply chain is a critical part of your business, impacting your ability to make deliveries on time to your customers, to exceed their quality expectations, and to maintain healthy profit margins. Choose Schwartz for your next project, and let us delight you with our customer service and ability to deliver‍

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Our Story

Schwartz Chemical opened its doors in Canada in 1969 as a specialty coatings company with strengths in sales and formulation. We had a staff of two.

The years leading to the raw materials shortage of 1973 were challenging, but by focusing on their needs, Schwartz Chemical was able to attract and hold a growing group of customers.

In 1973, Schwartz Chemical moved to its present address in Pickering, Ontario. Activity at the Pickering plant has grown steadily, and the plant was expanded in 1989.

Schwartz Chemical was purchased by new owners in 2004 and the plant was again expanded and redesigned to enhance its batch-making and packaging capabilities.

In 2023, Schwartz was purchased by it's current owners which are small group of private investors with track records of success across the chemicals, software, and manufacturing industries. Damian Smektala, who is part of this group, currently heads the company as President.  

More than 55 years later, some aspects of the company remain constant. Schwartz Chemical staff continue to work hard to understand customer challenges, provide value-added solutions, and ensure on-time delivery.

Why Work with a 3rd Party Manufacturer?

The decision to outsource to a 3rd party manufacturer is generally driven by strategy, risk, or margin considerations.  Strategically, it can be combination of finite production capacity, inefficient process, and/or storage considerations that will spur the decision. From a safety perspective, risk can originate either from inherent process risk due to the nature of the products, or a shortage of skilled labour that has the expertise required to work with these products safely. Finally, outsourcing to a partner who is closer to the consumer or who can produce at a lower costs due to scale or specialization can drive profitability.

  • Increase speed to market for new product development & launch  
  • Reduce capital risk and investment required for new product launch
  • Relieve capacity constraints and free-up valuable production floor space
  • Optimize your existing production with high ROI products only
  • Strategic outsourcing to manage capacity & production capabilities
  • Reduce shipping and production costs to customers in Canada, the Northeast and the Midwest
  • Manage environmental and health and safety risks with a qualified and experienced manufacturer

What Makes Schwartz Different?

We've crafted 9 value levers that shape how we think and act everyday. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated ourselves.



We are customer-service obsessed! We make it easy to get a hold of us and we're dedicated to your success.



We work hard to be an extension of your team. From initial formulation to the final batch, we prioritize open communication and flexibility.



Eventually, something will go wrong. We always hold ourselves accountable for our results. We work with you to solve the problem and we never blame forces beyond our control.


Strategic Guidance

We don't just react; we anticipate. We provide insight and guidance to help you reformulate and stay ahead of market and regulatory shifts.



Every business is different. We strive to find creative solutions to the technical and commercial challenges that our customers face evey day.


Competitive Pricing

We use fixed margins based on asset utilization. When raw material costs go down, we pass the savings on to you.


Custom Formulation

Developing formulations to your specifications is what we do. Whatever the platform or technology, we thrive on creating bespoke solutions.


On Time Delivery

We actively manage our inventory and supply chain to keep your business running on time, and we always keep you informed to avoid any surprises.  



Every batch undergoes rigorous quality checks and adheres to global industry standards, giving you confidence in the products bearing your name.

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