Schwartz Announces Launch of ChemStation Toronto

ChemStation Toronto launches as Canada's first, offering eco-friendly cleaning solutions with a unique refill system.

Schwartz Announces Launch of ChemStation Toronto

TORONTO, CANADA, December 15, 2017 – In partnership with ChemStation International of Dayton, Ohio, Schwartz Chemical Corporation of Pickering, Ontario announces the launch of ChemStation Toronto, the first manufacturing centre of its kind in Canada.

ChemStation Toronto offers industrial customers environmentally friendly industrial cleaning systems, including custom formulated detergents and sanitizers, as well as a unique system of delivery into refillable containers. The refillable containers offer many benefits, including the elimination of handling and disposing of plastic pails, drums, or totes that may ultimately end up in landfill.

The ChemStation System offers a unique approach to chemical delivery to enhance safety, convenience, and environmental responsibility on a local level to Ontario businesses.

“The unique ChemStation System is well suited for this market and we have had very positive response from new customers”,

says Terry Butryn, President of ChemStation Toronto.

“Launching in Toronto made sense as we diversified Schwartz Chemical’s existing product and service offerings. Our customers are in various strategic industries and value custom solutions for the safer handling of chemicals in the workplace. I am excited about the possibilities ChemStation Toronto can bring to these local businesses and we look forward to growing with our customers.”

ChemStation’s refillable containers come in sizes ranging from 450 to 1,325litres, and work in tandem with their dispensing equipment, proportioning systems, containment units, foamers, pumps, and other equipment necessary to ensure efficient chemical delivery.

In addition, ChemStation telemetry units mounted onto the refillable tanks provide remote inventory tracking and reporting solutions for the tank systems. These units give the customer and ChemStation visible 24/7 access to inventory levels and historical chemical usage, which helps with internal and external audits. The system also sets reorder points, triggering an email to both the customer and ChemStation to schedule the production and the delivery of chemical to refill the on-site tanks. With a few clicks on the ChemStation Telemetry portal called “Tank Link”, the customer can track inventory delivery and usage information that has never been available before.

The ChemStation System is suitable for many industries, such as food, beverage, brewing, vehicle cleaning, asphalt release, odour control, dust control, parts washing, metal treatment and concrete form release. Its environmentally conscious approach to using refillable tanks for chemical handling also make it a great fit for Schwartz Chemical Corporation.

“Schwartz Chemical was looking to diversify and add environmentally friendlywater-based industrial cleaning and sanitizing products,”

says Mr. Butryn.

“When I made my first trip to the ChemStation International Headquarters, I was impressed by the market and application knowledge and technical expertise of the Chem Station people. The support from their many commercial and technical experts for our operational start-up in Toronto made ChemStation and the ChemStation System a perfect match for our vision.”

By offering Ontario industries the unique ChemStation System, which brings a host of green benefits to the local area, ChemStation Toronto is helping local businesses follow the tagline of “Refill, Not Landfill”.

About Schwartz Chemical Corporation:

Schwartz Chemical has been in the chemical business for almost 50 years, successfully serving domestic and multinational coatings and adhesives companies and customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Their solutions are developed through the lens of their in-depth knowledge of the application, the product, and the underlying chemistry. Behind their work stand a dedicated team, innovative R&D, agile and capable manufacturing facilities, and a continued aim of service excellence.

About ChemStation International:

Located in Dayton, Ohio, ChemStation International has over 60 manufacturing locations in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. They specialize in providing their customers with the highest quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products and industrial cleaning products. As a leader in the green and environmentally friendly cleaning industry, they take the extra steps necessary to reduce harmful environmental impact through the use of their industrial cleaning supplies and their highly effective ChemStation System.

For more information about ChemStation International, please visit


For interview requests, please contact:

Terry Butryn, ChemStation Toronto


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